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Dear Kendall, Everyone suffers from time to time. There is only one thing that helps; don't look at the things you don't have but count your blessings. They'll surely outnumber the bad things in life. God bless (he already gave you your wonderful voice and the beautiful lyrics) you and your beloved ones
Without playing psychiatrist, you've experienced the Dark Night of the Soul. About four years ago (and sometimes thereafter), I've undergone the same thing...days where I don't *feel* God near, or directly sense His goodness. Facing my demons--this depression and anxiety--is a daily process. Will be thinking of you and your loved ones, Brian Pierson.
Kendall, thank you for a beautiful and what I am sure is a deeply painful song. I can't say for sure that God has a plan to heal your suffering, but deep in my heart, I hope that is so. We cannot fathom why bad things happen to good people. These things always shake our faith. I can tell you from the first time we met you in a small Church in Lexington KY back in 2005, your music has been a quiet comfort in our lives. I had a mild heart attack in August and now each night my wife and I walk our neighborhood to try and maintain my health. Many of those nights we listens to your music as we walk. I cannot tell you the joy of seeing an email from you with the promise of new music. When it is available, I surely will purchase multiple copies. I hope God brings peace to you and your sister. Hopeful for more music. JessieH
By the way, your song is a beautiful, artful, heartfelt tribute to your nephew.
Kendall, I so appreciate your honesty. Your music has been instrumental in my life to help me through some dark times on my faith journey. At a time in my life when a lifelong dream of mine was disintegrating before my eyes, I reluctantly went to an Arts conference at Willow Creek with my husband who was a brand new pastor. I had no idea you were on the docket to minister there, but when you came out I knew I was in trouble. I had always been involved in Christian worship and had a desire to lead worship one day. When an opportunity opened up for me, I was passed over for the young, hip, incredibly talented, Aussie worship leader and I was crushed. I felt God was telling me to let go of that dream. You came out and sang "I Will Show You Love" (directly to me, I'm sure), and I began uncontrollably sobbing making the man next to me (not my husband) incredibly uncomfortable. Needless to say I was receiving deep healing at that time. I have been able to use your songs in some of my original dramas, and sang a few from time to time, always with the same result. Deep healing for those who were hurting. There is enough Christian fluff out there. Thank you for your honesty. I feel you are a kindred spirit. You will never know how many people your music has touched. As for me, even though I am still involved in worship in one way or another, letting go of that dream opened up avenues of ministry that I never imagined I would walk. Thank you

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