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Kendall Payne: the start

Hompage with Kendall Payne words


Get Kendall Payne's latest "Wounds to Scars" at

Hello and Welcome!

I'm so grateful you've visited my website. It's just little-old-me running this whole sha-bang so it means a lot that you're checking it out!

I have a new album that has just been released, which is very exciting! It's called "Wounds to Scars" and I'm tremendously proud of it. I hope you'll enjoy it and let your friends, families and (heck, why not) even strangers know about it. I've posted the lyrics if you want to read through them, and the MP3 samples will be playing for you to enjoy.

I can only keep on making music because of my supportive fans... so it really means the world to me when you buy my albums and tell people about them (if you like them of course!!!).

As always, I'm just a click away. Feel free to send me an email and I promise it goes straight to MY inbox! I can't afford to have 'people' so I'm my own people... which I actually prefer!

Anyways, I do hope you're well! And come back real soon!

Much love,