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Kendall Payne: the press

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Everyone in the world should own a copy of Grown.
My Mommy
"Kendall is not only an amazing artist, but a wonderful person as well. I've been inspired by her music and the many conversations we
had on tour together. Sign me up as the president of the Kendall
Payne fan club!"
Mac Powell (Third Day)
Go ahead...just admit it.
You're sick to death of hearing yourself blab on and on about how music these days is too commercial...too calculated....too slick and stuck in a world where sugar sweet pop music sits on the throne, and the brilliant banished songwriter is at best, the court jester. Ladies and gents, I give you Kendall Payne. One word could best sum up this gritty, graciously fluid and passionately hopeful artist...Hallelujah!
Okay maybe just one more word... finally.
Nichole Nordeman
Kendall is way more than just a fantastic singer and songwriter, she is a great communicator. Her insight into life and faith is refreshingly honest, original, unaffected and much needed. She's just the kind of person Youth Specialties wants & loves to have minister at our events. Talented, Articulate, Committed to Jesus; fun and completely not full of herself.
Tic Long, President, Youth Specialties Events
"There's so much formulaic fluff out there. And deep stuff is often boring. But Kendall Payne's music carries substance and depth - and it's energetic, alive, intense, and beautiful too. I'm a fan."
Brian McLaren, pastor (, author (
Kendall's lyrics and music inspire me to make better music. Her melodies don't just hook, they impale me. And she consistently tackles the most serious issues of the Christian life without taking herself too seriously. Kendall's music is some of the best music being made today regardless of genre. In short, I'm a big fan.
Shaun Groves